Coming API changes

The following changes will be made in Billecta API on the designated date

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

  • AccountingSettingsView.DefaultSalesAccount hidden from API and replaced with ProductsTemplateView.
  • AccountingSettingsView.FreightCostAccount added
  • ContractInvoiceActionView.AutoMerge added. Auto merged generated file with any unattested invoice to the same debtor
  • FreightFee added to ContractInvoiceActionView, DebentureActionEntryView, InvoiceActionEntryView, InvoiceActionView,
  • CreditorBankInfoView.SwishPaymentEnabled, AutogiroEnabled, AutogiroCustomerNumber hidden and managed trought the portal

Thursday, November 15, 2018

  • InstallmentPlanActionSubView.InstallmentPlanActionFromDebtCollectionStateView removed from. Duplicate data in the model and no information has been remvoed
  • WebhookTriggerTypeView.AutogiroApprovalChanged, .InvoiceSaleWasAccepted and .InvoiceSaleWasDenied added. Triggered when autogiro approval added, removed or changed and when an invoice sale is accepted or denied
  • EventTypeView.VerdictNumberObtained added. Created when a verdict is added to the claim

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

  • Added property QuarterlyRecurrence to RecurrenceDetailsView
  • Added property InvoicePeriodMonthsOffset to ContractInvoiceActionView. Specified the number of month to offset the periodization when using Yearly and Quarterly recurrence interval on contract invoices
  • Added property DebtCollectionMessagePublicId to DefaultActionConfigView.
  • Support for Quarterly invoicing in ContractInvoiceActionView. RecurrenceIntervalTypeView has been extended with value Quarterly = 2
  • Added property AdvanceInvoice to ContractInvoiceActionRecordView. Set record to true to invoice customer on records that have InvoicedFrom in the future
  • Added property ExternalReference to ContractInvoiceActionRecordView. Primary to be used as holder for key in externally integrated system
  • Added property DeliveryStatus to SelfInvoiceActionSubView
  • Added property OvershootingAmountHandling to RegisterPaymentView. Property allows users to book keep remaining amount as currency difference
  • Added property Created to BankIdSignStatusView to make it consitent with BankIdAuthenticationStatusView
  • Currencies AED, BGN, HRK, ILS, MYR, PHP, RON, SAR added to CurrencyView and API

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

  • Entpoint POST /v1/payments/swish extended with parameter 'message'. Message is shown after payment is completed
  • Property Security removed from NotificationReceiverSettingView. It is not possible to change Security information receivers.
  • ExternalReference added to IncomingPaymentView
  • Property IncomingPaymentNotificationMethods added to DefaultActionConfigView. Property defines how payment receits are sent to payer. Note that sort order is important. If not set in calls values stored in Api will be used.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

  • Property CreditCards of type List<DebtorCreditCardView> added to DebtorView. Property is used for extracting masked credit cards stored on debtor
  • Property CreditCardWithdrawalDate added to ReconciliationInvoiceActionEntryView
  • Property CreditCard of type CreditCardWithdrawalView added to InvoiceActionEntryView, MultiInvoiceActionEntryView, InvoiceActionView and DebentureActionEntryView. Property enables you to charge using credit card.
  • Events CreditCardAdded, CreditCardRemoved, CreditCardWithdrawal, CreditCardCancelledWithdrawal added to EventTypeView
  • Webhooks AutogiroApprovalFailed, AutogiroWithdrawalFailedOnInvoice and AutogiroWithdrawalFailedOnReconciliationInvoice added to WebhookTriggerTypeView
  • Property CreditCardWithdrawalEnabled added to ContractInvoiceActionView,
  • Property ReminderGraceDays added to DefaultActionConfigView. Property is nullable integer that represents number of grace days on reminder invoices in which it will be closed due to days after payment date. Grace days is turned of with null or 0.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

  • Property IsLocked added to InvoiceActionSubView, InvoiceActionStateView, InvoiceActionEntryView, MultiInvoiceActionEntryView. Property locks the invoice from beeing attested or sold. Similar to a 'Work in progress' flag.
  • Property IsCommented added to DebtCollectionActionSubView, InstallmentPlanActionSubView, InvoiceActionSubView and SelfInvoiceActionSubView. Property markes that a comment (not by system) has been made on action.
  • Property InvoiceFeesToCreditor is removed from DebtCollectionActionView, DebtCollectionEntryView, DefaultActionConfigView, InstallmentPlanActionFromDebtCollectionView, InstallmentPlanFromDebtCollectionEntryView
  • AccountingSettings.CustomerAdvancedPaymentsAccount added to AccountingSettingsView. Will be used to book overpayments on invoices.