Coming API changes

The following changes will be made in Billecta API on the designated date

Monday, May 13, 2019

  • DefaultFinancialPaymentCode added to AccountingSettingsView. New payment mean for financial payments to be used in bookkeeping.
  • CreditCardPaymentPublicId and SwishPaymentPublicId added to InvoiceActionStateView and ReconciliationInvoiceActionStateView. Add for the possibility to redund credit card and swish payment through the API
  • Added endpoints /v1/Creditor/KYC. GET and POST endpoints for getting and updating KYC.
  • Added endpoint /v1/Creditor/CreditorSubs. A faster endpoint for getting creditors you have read access to. Only a subset of information is retreived

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

  • AccountingSettingsView.DefaultSalesAccount hidden from API and replaced with ProductsTemplateView.
  • AccountingSettingsView.FreightCostAccount added
  • ContractInvoiceActionView.AutoMerge added. Auto merged generated file with any unattested invoice to the same debtor
  • FreightFee added to ContractInvoiceActionView, DebentureActionEntryView, InvoiceActionEntryView, InvoiceActionView,
  • CreditorBankInfoView.SwishPaymentEnabled, AutogiroEnabled, AutogiroCustomerNumber hidden and managed trought the portal